01Japan no. 1


02Optocombs for Mazda


03Nissan's dream engine



01 Japan no. 1 for in-line inspection of automotive parts.

XTIA is Japan No. 1 for the non-contact in-line inspection of automotive parts

For 4 years in a row since 2017, XTIA has remained the Japan no. 1* provider of in-line inspection systems dedicated to the automotive industry.
*market share ranking of Fuji Keizai's report "Current Status and Future Market Outlook of Image Processing Systems".

02 Optocombs for full in-line inspection

Mazda uses Optocomb 3D scanners by XTIA for high-accuracy inspection

A special feature article of Nikkei Monozukuri (July 2020 issue, pp80-86) features how Mazda Motor Corporation leverages Optocomb 3D scanners to maintain tolerances as thin as a piece of paper.

03 Contributing to Nissan Motor's dream engine

Nissan leverages optocomb 3D scanners by XTIA for its engine optimization

XTIA's in-line inspection systems made a major contribution to Nissan's long-cherished desire for a variable compression ratio engine.